Saturday, January 19, 2013

Welcome to Food Blog

Dear all

This is a food blog that I would like to share with all the foodies out there. I would be going around Singapore and the world (if possible) to taste and share with you my views on the food. I hope to share the food in both English and Chinese Language so that more people will be able to read my reviews. Please do leave your comments to show support and your own review on the food that I have featured in this blog. Happy 2013!

大家好!这个部落格是为了让我能与喜欢吃的网友交流的地方。我将以英语和华语来与大家分享我所在新加坡或其他国家所品尝的食物。希望大家能留言与我分享你的读后感。 2013 快乐。 能吃就是福!

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